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About winning

About winning

Kyle Walker, one of the best fullbacks of all time, didn't start in the UEFA Champions League final for Manchester City Football Club a few weeks ago. After watching this clip, his humility surprised me:

"It's just about winning one game."

In the realm of high-performing teams, the right culture is the bedrock for this success. Culture is not dictated by a rulebook or a mission statement; it's a living, breathing entity that evolves through the interactions, rituals, and traditions that shape the team's daily existence.

Kyle Walker is a great leader. He understood when to sacrifice his ego and from the clip, it seems like he, team leadership, and manager Pep Guardiola have created an environment that allows each team member to thrive by fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and psychological safety.

✨By setting the right example and empowering others, leaders become the architects of a culture that unleashes the collective genius of the team.✨

A strong team culture is built upon shared values and a compelling purpose. When team members align around a common set of principles and goals, they develop a sense of belonging and commitment that transcends individual egos. These shared values guide decision-making, encourage accountability, and fuel the collective drive to achieve greatness.